Free New Years Digital Paper

by - December 28, 2017

So when I was made my latest printable I created my own patterns for a few of the boxes & I really liked the way they looked on their own. So I thought I would share it. I figured if you wanted to you can use the patterns to make a planner cover or just use parts of the image as stickers. Or even as a wallpaper or background for something.
So below you'll find each individual paper with its corresponding link below.
Again Happy New Year! 

Digital Paper 1                     Digital Paper 2   

    Digital Paper 3           Digital Paper 4

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  1. Your printables are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your designs. They inspire me to try and design some too for fun.

    1. your so sweet, thank you so much. I really enjoy creating my own stickers. I'm so glad to hear I'm inspiring you. That was kinda the purpose of my page.


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