Free Witchy Mood Printable Planner Stickers for EC & Recollections Planner

by - September 16, 2018

Hello lovelies.
We're getting so close to October & Halloween! I thought I would welcome the spook-tacular season with a cute witchy spread. For this kit much like lasts years Wicked Burgundy kit. I really wanted it to feel like halloween while keeping it a little classy. I love the hint of witchy vibes along with the beautiful crystals & herbs. It's witchy but in a cute magical glam way. Pairing it with the purple & pinkish tones keep it light & whimsical. I love the moon I found & used for the checklist as well as the clear crystal outlined clip-art. I think they give the half boxes a little something extra & ties in with the theme very well. 
As always I hope you all enjoy this one. 
Comment down below your favorite part of this kit. 😉
Click here for PDF (OLD Format)                                                   Click here for PDF (NEW Format)

Remember this kit is for personal use only. Files cannot be resold, modified or used commercially.
If you would like to share these printables or images on social media please link directly to this printable page, not to the printable file itself and provide a full credit link. @planneronelove & #planneronelove
If you post it on instagram please tag me. I would love to see how you used this kit. & if you have any issues downloading or printing the kits lmk in the comments.

Click here for PDF (OLD Format)                                                   Click here for PDF (NEW Format)

Description: Witchy halloween spread. Full of crystals, herbs & magic. Paired w/purple & pinkish tones.
  • 10 Full Boxes (8 in new format)
  • 7 Half Boxes (8 in new format)
  • 8 Heart Checklist, 7 Full Heart Checkboxes & 8 Mini Heart Checklist (7,7 & 8 in new format)
  • 1 Weekend Banner
  • 24 Headers (Including 7 To Do's, 7 Today's, 1 This Week, 1 Schedule, 1 Hydrate & 7 blank)
  • Various Labels (Including 7 Meals, 3 hearts, 2 celebration, 1 bills, 4 TV's & 7 Reminder Labels)
  • 1 Hydrate Full Box
  • 2 Habit Trackers
  • 13 Flags of various sizes (12 in new format)
  • 4 Different Sized Bottom Washi strips sized to fit recollection planner
  • 2 solid thin washi strips (none in new format)
  • 4 Circle Labels (3 in new format)
  • 5 Quarter Boxes
  • 4 Rounded Labels (3 in new format)
  • 11 functional icons (none on new format)

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  1. These are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for making them available. I've just printed them and hopefully will be using them for next week. <3


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